Council Approvals


To ensure a seamless council approval process for your patio, pergola or carport, D&C Patios engage the services of a Private Certifier to obtain a building approval.

It is the responsibility of the Local Council to archive all documentation and relaxation of permits and approvals.

D&C Patios starts the process by preparing a site measure (during the quote) and our draftsperson then drafts site plans. The plans and relevant documents – including the engineering – are then forwarded to our private certifier to assess the application.

The certifier will conduct all relevant searches relating to your property, including location of storm water, sewerage and easements. This search process can take up to 2-3 weeks to complete.

If a relaxation is required for the front or side boundaries of your property, or if the length of the proposed structure is greater than 9 metres, we will inform you at your initial quote/consultation – as additional fees will be required for this to go through council approval. Also, due to site inspections and additional paperwork being required prior to the approvals being given, you must allow extra time for the relaxation approval process.

After D&C Patios builds your patio, pergola or carport, a final inspection by the certifier will be carried out. Once this is completed, all approval documents and Form 21’s will be sent to the property owner.

For information on Individual Council boundary and other requirements click the link to your relevant council to view.



In addition to the above-mentioned approval process, you will also require body corporate approval to proceed with your patio, pergola or carport.

The application fees for this may alter depending on if you require GIA or a DA approval and if you have standard fees. Check with your local body corporate, council or certifier. DA or GIA approvals may add a substantial extra cost to this process.