Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do we provide double carport designs?

Yes, we do offer double carport designs. Our team can assist you in designing a functional and stylish double carport to suit your specific needs. Whether you have multiple vehicles or need extra storage space, we can help you create the ideal solution.

2. What are the best carport designs?

The best carport designs depend on various factors, including your preferences, available space, etc. We offer a range of carport designs to choose from, each with its unique features. Our experts can help you select the design that best suits your requirements, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

3. Can I build my carport designs on a sloped driveway?

Yes, it is possible to build a carport on a sloped driveway. Our experienced team can design and construct a carport that accommodates the slope of your driveway while ensuring structural integrity. We’ll work with you to create a solution that enhances the usability and appearance of your property.

4. Can a carport be on a boundary?

In many cases, a carport can be built on a boundary, but this depends on local regulations and zoning ordinances. Our team will take care of obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with local building codes. We’ll work with you to determine the feasibility of placing your carport on a boundary.

5. Are carports exempt from development approval?

Carports are often considered exempt from development approval under certain conditions, such as size and location. We have extensive experience in navigating these regulations and will help you determine if your carport project qualifies for exemption. If not, we’ll guide you through the necessary approval processes.

6. What is the difference between a patio, carport, and pergola?

A patio is an outdoor space typically paved or decked, designed for relaxation and outdoor activities. A carport is a covered structure that provides shelter for vehicles, such as cars, boats, or caravans. A pergola is an open outdoor structure with cross beams or lattice, often used to support climbing plants or vines.

7. Am I under any obligation in receiving a free quote?

No, there is no obligation. It’s part of our service to visit your location, design your desired patio or carport, and provide you with a free quote based on your preferences and requirements. Get a free quote today!

8. Do you take care of council permits, relaxations, and plans?

Yes, our experienced certifier will handle all the necessary documentation for your application, including final inspections. We strive to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

9. Do I receive a copy of my approved plans?

Certainly. A copy of the approved plans is sent to you, the council, and the construction company by our certifier for record-keeping.

10. What warranty do I get with my patio?

You’ll receive a 15-year warranty on the product you choose to have installed.

11. If I go ahead with the quote, how much deposit will I pay?

The deposit is 10% of the contract price, which includes all council fees and the QBCC home warranty insurance one-off fee.

12. Do I need to arrange anything?

No, we take care of all approvals, site preparations, construction, and inspections. You may need to relocate items like Foxtel Dishes or TV antennas that may obstruct construction.

13. How long will it take to get my patio built?

In most cases, the process involves approximately 2 to 6 weeks for council approvals, 2 weeks for roof and powder coating completion and delivery to your site, and 2-3 days for construction, depending on the roof’s size.

14. Can I build my patio or carport designs myself?

Yes, we can arrange all approvals and deliver materials cut to size for you to install. If the value of materials exceeds $11,000, you’ll require an owner-builder license.

15. Do I need to be home during construction?

No, as long as our builders have access to power and the job site.

16. Will I be kept up-to-date with the progress of my project?

Absolutely. We place a high value on communication with our clients and ensure you are informed every step of the way through emails and phone calls.

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