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Welcome to D&C Patios’ blog! Here, we’ve got plenty of helpful advice and ideas for your patio and carport projects. Whether you’re thinking about your outdoor space or need some tips on materials and how to take care of things, you’re in the right spot. We cover everything from cool designs to easy do-it-yourself tips. So, let’s dive in and start bringing your patio and carport ideas to life!

Patio installer - year-round outdoor seating area

Benefits of having an outdoor seating area

Having an outdoor seating area, whether it’s a patio, deck, or carport, offers numerous benefits that boost your home and lifestyle. Let’s see why having ...
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Beautiful outdoor Pergola designs on Gold Coast

Year-round enjoyment with pergola in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Are you picturing a spot in your backyard where you can kick back, have friends over, and just chill out no matter the season? Well, ...
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Free standing patio roof design from D&C Patios

5 reasons you should invest in a patio roof

Do you find yourself neglecting your balcony? Do you think it could use a little extra care? Installing a patio roof is an excellent way ...
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Modern carport built by D&C Patios

Why a carport is better than a garage in Brisbane?

Garage or carport in Brisbane? Let’s start with talking about the differences between carports and garages. Carports and garages both provide shelter for your vehicles, ...
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Skip hail damage with custom carport

Importance of custom carport Hail damage is a common concern for vehicle owners, especially in areas like Brisbane and the Gold Coast, where severe weather ...
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Plants and vines around outdoor pergola

Custom patios Gold Coast

Custom patios are a fantastic way to add something extra to your outdoor living space and enjoy the beautiful Gold Coast weather all year round. ...
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Free standing carport builder available on Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and in Brisbane.

Custom carports Gold Coast

Are you looking to protect your vehicles from the harsh Gold Coast weather while adding value to your home? Custom carports might be the answer ...
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patio ideas include choosing location

Benefits of having a patio

A patio is an outdoor space that is used for dining, relaxing, and other activities. It is usually paved with materials like stone, concrete, bricks, ...
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Freestanding custom patios by D&C Patios. choose between single skin and insulated patios

Boost Your Home’s Worth with a Patio

Adding a patio to your home is a smart move if you want to make it more valuable and have a nice place to hang ...
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camper trailer cover carport in Brisbane

Why You Need A Camper Trailer Cover

Keeping your camper trailer safe and ready for your next adventure is smart. That’s where a camper trailer cover comes in handy. It shields your ...
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Affordable yet captivating pergola designs on the Gold Coast crafted by D&C Patios.

What size pergola should I get?

Picking the right size for your pergola matters a lot for how it’ll look and work outside. Let’s go over some simple rules to help ...
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cartport vs garage for your home

The Difference Between a Carport and Garage

Are you thinking about adding some sort of protection for your car? Carports and garages are two popular options, each with its own benefits. We’ll ...
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