Free-Standing Patio

Give your outdoor area a makeover with a strong and stylish free-standing patio!

Turn your outdoor space into a cozy corner with a handy free-standing patio from D&C Patios. Our cover isn’t just tough; it also looks great while providing shade and protection.

We make high-quality free-standing patio that you can customise to fit your outdoor sitting area. Imagine creating comfy spots to relax or adding extra charm to sunny spots. Our patios are flexible and open to your ideas for decorating your outdoor space.

Ready for a change? Contact us today to check out our selection of free-standing patio designs. We have lots of styles, colours, and extras to match your home easily. Brighten up your outdoor area with D&C Patios—it’s simple and fun!

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free standing patio giving shade next to the pool

What is a free-standing patio?

What is a free-standing patio? A free-standing patio is a smart addition to your outdoor area. Imagine a roof that’s not attached directly to your house but is held up by poles anywhere in your backyard. It’s completely seperate and gives you freedom to place it wherever you’d like.

These patios are handy because they provide shade and keep you dry during rainy days. With the roof lifted higher, there’s plenty of airflow underneath, which helps keep the space cooler when it’s hot outside. Plus, since there aren’t any poles in the middle, you have the freedom to arrange your outdoor furniture without any obstructions, creating a perfect outdoor sitting area.

People appreciate free-standing patios not only for their functionality but also for their modern and sophisticated appearance. You can choose from different materials like metal or wood to match the style of your home.

In simpler terms, a free-standing patio is a clever way to make your outdoor relaxation area more comfortable and stylish.

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Why choose D&C Patios for your free-standing patio project?

Here are some good reasons:

Skilled Team:

Guided by Glenn’s expertise, our team masters building an exquisite free-standing patio. We’re all about the details, promising expert results. Trust us to exceed your expectations, whether it’s a free-standing patio, flyover patio, skillion patio, or classic gable style.

Happy Customers:

With 22 years under our belt, D&C Patios has won over countless clients. We’re known for our stellar track record and commitment to excellence. Don’t just take our word for it—our satisfied customers speak volumes in our video testimonials.

Easy Journey:

Starting a project can feel like navigating a maze, but we’re here to simplify it for you. From your first hello, we’ll guide you through each phase with clarity and ease.

Supportive Crew:

Our friendly squad stands by you every step of the way. Communication is key, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Your happiness is our driving force, ensuring your time with D&C Patios is nothing short of delightful.

15-Year Peace of Assurance:

Know that we’ve got your back with our 15-year warranty. We trust in our work’s quality, and if any issues covered by the warranty arise post-project, we’ll handle them right away. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’ll keep prioritising it long after the project’s completion.

Premium Materials:

Each material for your project is carefully handpicked, all backed by their own warranties. Our commitment extends beyond project completion; we’re here to address any warranty-covered concerns, making sure your structure remains resilient against any weather challenges.

Clear Communication:

Experience straightforward and open communication with regular updates throughout your project. We make sure you’re kept informed at every step, fostering confidence in our work and keeping you fully engaged in the process.

Flexible Payment Choices:

We understand the financial aspect of your project and offer various financing options to kickstart your new free-standing patio without delays. Our goal is to assure a smooth process for you, including finding a payment plan that suits your budget.

Choose D&C Patios for a dependable, transparent, and quality-focused journey in creating your free-standing patio. We’re committed to delivering the success of your project.

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What are the benefits of a flyover patio?

A free-standing patio is great for many reasons. First, it gives you a special place to do outdoor things like eating, hanging out, or just enjoying nature. This area helps you spend more time outside and feel closer to nature.

Next, a free-standing patio is easy to set up wherever you want in your yard. You can choose the best spot for views, sunlight, or privacy. Plus, you can design it the way you like, with the size and features that work best for you. Even a small patio is an amazing addition for your home.

Having a free-standing patio also makes your home look better and adds value to it. It creates a nice outdoor space that can make your home more attractive, especially if you ever want to sell it.

Furthermore, a free-standing patio is a peaceful place to relax and unwind. It’s like having your own little getaway where you can escape from the busyness of life and enjoy some quiet time alone or with family and friends.

Overall, a free-standing patio is a wonderful addition to your home that offers many benefits. It makes outdoor living more enjoyable, adds value to your home, and provides a peaceful retreat for relaxation and enjoyment.

"D & C Patios are true professionals, the quote process was quick and seamless, the Installers did an excellent job their attention to detail was amazing, they even arrange for the site material packaging to be taken away at the end of the job. The whole team was such a pleasure to deal with, I highly recommend them."
Kevin E.
"DC Patios were our first quote we got 6 before we made a decision. Pricing is very competitive and includes council approval if required unlike other quotes that are on top of.We are so glad we we chose them our home has been completely transformed and we can only highly recommend them.So hard to get good tradespeople these days.Staff turned up on time kept us informed each day went above and beyond to rectify issues that arose due to rotten timber and previous bad workmanship done priot to our ownership of home.We are looking forward to spending time outdoors now and entertaining friends and family in our beautiful covered area.Thankyou so much once again.Paige and Dave"
Paige B.
"D & C Patios Built a carport for me at the Pacific Pines, Glenn was very easy to speak with and gave me a good Quote When the planes were passed his crew turned up on the day they said they would, Very good job Very highly RecommendationCouldn't ask for it done any better."
Barry F.