DIY Patio, Pergola & Carport Kits

So you know your way around a toolbox? Then our DIY Kits are made for you!

If you’re a home handyperson or a tradie, you can install your patio, pergola or carport yourself with our convenient made-to-order kits.

Have a think about the structure that you’d like to build, then access our DIY Quote Estimator and we’ll be in touch.


Roof sheets
Single or Insulated Roof
Beams & Posts (aluminium & steel)
C Channel
Fly Over Brackets

Carport Specials:

Fully engineered colorbond carports in white or cream only.

$1,875 excl delivery

 6.125m x 3.1m

$1,875 excl delivery
$2,425 excl delivery

6.125m x 6.150m

$2,425 excl delivery

Flange post into ground extra $100 per post

What You’ll Need For Your DIY Patio Kit Quote

  • What’s the length, width and height of the proposed structure?
  • Is it being built on a concrete slab, deck or other?
  • Do you need footings?
  • What colours do you prefer?
  • Do you require an insulated roof?

Ready to find out more?

Please call or email your plans, specifications or requirements for a quote.