How much does a patio or pergola cost?

So, you’ve decided to add value to your home by extending your liveable space… and creating an outdoor oasis with a patio roof or pergola. Whether you want to entertain friends, create more space for a growing family, or you’re looking for a place to relax, protected from the sun and rain, a patio is the ideal addition to your home. But where to begin? And how much is a patio or pergola going to cost?

As with any job, your number one rule is to get more than one quote, preferably three. Going through a quoting process is about more than just finding the cheapest quote – it’s about becoming informed. Each patio builder will have recommendations about how to achieve the look you’re going for, the best materials to use and the different features which can be added-on or dropped, depending on your budget.

You’ll also get a clear idea about whom you can work with. If they arrive on time, send you a quote when they say they will and listen to your ideas while still sharing their own expertise and ideas, chances are your patio build will also be delivered on time and to your expectations.

The quoting process will also help set your budget for the patio build. A pergola or patio build, seems like a simple structure – after all, there are DIY kits available so it can’t be that complex right? Not quite!

A patio is still an engineered structure that needs to be designed and built to meet Australian standards, council regulations and the most demanding authority of all – Mother Nature!

As an engineered structure, council will require building fees and in many cases, side or front boundary development relaxation fees too (especially with carports on the Gold Coast). The council also requires engineer-drafted plans, which is another cost you may not have considered. You’ll also need to cover the costs of a private certifier to sign off on your final structure. And then there’s QBBC home warranty insurance – designed to ensure that if anything happens to your patio, and your builder is unresponsive, you won’t be stuck with an unsafe structure.

So that’s a few of the hidden costs you need to allow for, but with choices at every turn, you’ll find that different options will also affect your budget:

Types of Patio Rooflines

Are you looking at a skillion roof, gabled roof, free standing or flyover roof? A skillion patio roof is attached to your facia, but with a minimum under beam height of 2.1m, this may not be an option for you. If it’s a freestanding structure, you’ll need to allow for the price of footings. Each type of structure has different pros and cons and costs associated, that you’ll need to discuss with your builder.

Patio Roof Panels

There is a range of roof panels available and you’ll need to make decisions between single skins and insulation. You’ll also need to consider the size of the space you need to span and how many posts you’d be willing to have in your design. Our panels range from 50mm thick which will span 5 metres, right up to 150mm which will span up to 8.2 metres between beams

Pergola and Patio Posts

Speaking of posts – simple 65mm aluminum posts are your most budget friendly patio option but they might not suit your look. The options are endless and can include solid timber posts and even brick pylons or piers.


Many patio builders work with 50mm beams, which may be slightly cheaper but don’t have the strength and span that a 65mm Shurelock Beam has.

When all is said and done, you’ll be an expert in patio and pergola building at the end of the quoting process. Don’t be scared to ask questions, compare apples with apples and check exactly what’s included in your patio quote. Remember, in most cases you’ll find that whatever you spend on your patio will double in the overall valuation of your home, so it pays to do a great job.

At D&C Patios, owner Glenn has 45 years of industry experience and comes from a house building background; so he knows exactly how to build a pergola or patio that will truly suit your home, your needs and your budget. He’s not a sales guy, he’s a carpenter that’s honest and upfront throughout the quoting process.

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