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Choosing the right sheeting for your patio roof is a pivotal decision that significantly influences the performance and aesthetics of your outdoor space. At D&C Patios, we understand that the myriad of options can be overwhelming. Our mission is to demystify the terminology and guide you through the nuanced world of patio roofing. Let’s embark on a thorough exploration of sheeting, shedding light on the distinctions to empower you to make an informed and cost-effective choice.

In any industry, the abundance of buzz terms can create confusion, potentially leading to costly pitfalls. Our team at D&C Patios knows the importance of clarity in decision-making, making sure that your investment not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Beginning with sheeting, which forms the fundamental structure of the roof and ceiling in your carport or patio, let’s explain the complexities and provide you with insightful overviews to ‘debunk the buzz.’ This journey aims to equip you with the knowledge needed to fully enjoy and maximise your new investment. Stay with us as we navigate through the intricacies of patio roofing, making the selection process a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Before you make a decision, you have to think about how you intend to utilise your carport or patio – and also environmental considerations – as we know the climate on the Gold Coast, South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales for the most part is warm.

Single skin patio roof sheeting


When thinking of patio roof options, single skin sheeting, though the simplest and most economical choice, comes with considerations. It’s a single metallic steel sheet painted with high gloss colourbond on the underside and a 25% gloss finish on top. While cost-effective, these roofs have limitations, as they are ‘non-traffic,’ meaning they can’t bear weight. However, for smaller structures, single skin sheeting can provide an affordable and efficient solution.

Insulated Sheeting:

For a more versatile patio roof option, insulated sheeting provides a thicker layer with two sheets sandwiching insulation material like polystyrene. This design allows for the installation of lights and electrical items, making it ideal for those who want to customise their outdoor space. Additionally, the insulation helps regulate temperature, offering comfort in both cold and hot weather. Given the warm climate of the Gold Coast, South East Queensland, and Northern New South Wales, insulated sheeting becomes a valuable choice for those seeking year-round comfort and usability. Our team at D&C Patios is here to guide you through these choices, making sure your patio roof matches your needs and preferences.

How would we use each format?


Single skin sheeting for patio roof



An example of single skin sheeting

When you’re in the process of selecting the perfect patio roof, you might find that single skin sheeting is a straightforward and pragmatic choice. It is important to reiterate that single skin doesn’t insulate against heat or cool. In the majority of cases, you cannot have your electrician run electric items through patio roof (as naturally, any holes drilled into it will allow rain straight through – not to mention the safety issues of electrifying the roof).

So, if your project involves setting up a basic carport, a functional space to park your vehicle without the need for intricate lighting, then opting for single skin sheeting makes sense. It’s also a suitable choice if you’re looking to create shade for a section of your pool or establish a garden greenhouse. Its versatility extends to covering walkways or providing shelter for your caravan or boat. While it may not boast high-end features, single skin patio roof proves to be a reliable option for various outdoor endeavours, making it a practical solution for your patio roof needs. 

If you’re in need of professional assistance for patio construction, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Alternatively, if you’re eager to embark on a DIY project, consider reaching out to Online Patios who are offering top-quality DIY kits for patios.


Insulated sheeting for patio roof



An example of insulated sheeting

There are several reasons why insulated sheeting might suit your patio roof situation a lot more. If you are building an outdoor entertainment area, you are going to want to install lights and maybe even fans to meet the Queensland environment during summer.

As we’ve already mentioned, insulated sheeting allows you more latitude in terms of electricity installation etc over single skin sheeting.

Some of the benefits of insulated sheeting include:

  • Heating prevention and retention (cooler in warm weather, warmer in cool weather)
  • Allows you to walk on the patio roof which is ideal especially if you need to paint a two storey house!
  • Allows you to really add to the look and feel of your property through being able to wire electricity, lights, fans, televisions, spas etc to the mains of your property
  • It is sturdier – with two skins and the insulation, it is a far stronger product that will hold up stronger, particularly in high winds and cyclonic conditions
  • Able to have a larger structure – perfect for entertaining

Ultimately, before you choose your single skin or insulated sheeting patio roof, there are considerations that you need to take into account – and this is also where our D&C Patios experts can come into play when we come to quote your new carport or patio.

The guide we like to work by when you are choosing which way to potentially go include:

  • *Usage situation (car storage, entertainment, pool covering etc)
  • *Additional requirements (Lights, TV, Fans etc)
  • *Aesthetics (what you want it to look like – which can also affect resale values)
  • *Budget (typically, single skin will be cheaper than insulated however this is only in certain situations)

The best way, as always, is talk to the experts and have us come and assess your needs. 

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We hope this has helped you ‘debunk the buzz’ around a critical part of your new outdoor area.

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