Debunk the Buzz: Single Skin Vs Insulated Sheeting


Like any industry, there are plenty of buzz terms that are used in the patio and carport game and if you don’t understand the differences between two terminologies, it can be a major pitfall and cost you money – and the ability to fully enjoy your new investment.

So our D&C Patios team has decided to come up with a few overviews to ‘debunk the buzz’.

We’ll start with sheeting – which forms the roof and ceiling of your carport or patio.

Before you make a decision, you have to think about how you intend to utilise your carport or patio – and also environmental considerations – as we know the climate on the Gold Coast, South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales for the most part is warm.

Let’s start with single skin sheeting.

Single skin sheeting is the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to cover your outdoor area – but is it the most cost effective? Single skinned is effectively a single sheet(s) of metallic steel, painted with a high gloss paint on the ceiling/under side of the sheets with colorbond paint and a 25% gloss finish on the top. 

There are however limitations when it comes to the size of the structure. These roofs are ‘non-traffic’ – meaning that you would be unable to stand/walk on the roof.

Insulated sheeting is a ‘thicker’ sheeting with two sheets bordering an ‘insulation’ of a polystyrene or other insulating material (think of a sandwich). Insulated sheeting allows you to install lighting and other electric items and also is of benefit when it comes to deflecting the cold in cold weather, or deflecting heat in hot weather, making for a comfortable outdoor experience.

How would we use each format?


An example of single skin sheeting

It is important to reiterate that single skin doesn’t insulate against heat or cool. In the majority of cases, you cannot have your electrician run electric items through it (as naturally, any holes drilled into it will allow rain straight through – not to mention the safety issues of electrifying the roof).

If you are building a simple carport with no roller door that you are only parking your car(s) underneath and don’t require lighting, then single skin would suffice.

If you’re building a covering over part of your pool to shield from sun – we think a single skin would suffice. 

If your purpose is a garden greenhouse, then also single skin sheeting might be suitable. They can also be used to cover walkways, for caravans or boats. The limits are endless.


An example of insulated sheeting

There are several reasons why insulated sheeting might suit your situation a lot more. If you are building an outdoor entertainment area, you are going to want to install lights and maybe even fans to meet the Queensland environment during summer.

As we’ve already mentioned, insulated sheeting allows you more latitude in terms of electricity installation etc over single skin sheeting.

Some of the benefits of insulated sheeting include:

  • Heating prevention and retention (cooler in warm weather, warmer in cool weather)
  • Allows you to walk on the roof which is ideal especially if you need to paint a two storey house!
  • Allows you to really add to the look and feel of your property through being able to wire electricity, lights, fans, televisions, spas etc to the mains of your property
  • It is sturdier – with two skins and the insulation, it is a far stronger product that will hold up stronger, particularly in high winds and cyclonic conditions
  • Able to have a larger structure – perfect for entertaining

Ultimately, before you choose your single skin or insulated sheeting, there are considerations that you need to take into account – and this is also where our D&C Patios experts can come into play when we come to quote your new carport or patio.

The guide we like to work by when you are choosing which way to potentially go include:

  • *Usage situation (car storage, entertainment, pool covering etc)
  • *Additional requirements (Lights, TV, Fans etc)
  • *Aesthetics (what you want it to look like – which can also affect resale values)
  • *Budget (typically, single skin will be cheaper than insulated however this is only in certain situations)

The best way, as always, is talk to the experts and have us come and assess your needs. 

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We hope this has helped you ‘debunk the buzz’ around a critical part of your new outdoor area.

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