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Free standing patio roof design from D&C Patios

Living on the Gold Coast means enjoying the beautiful weather, but it also means dealing with occasional rain showers and scorching sun. That’s where a patio roof comes in handy. A patio roof provides protection from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round. Whether it’s shielding you from the hot sun during the day or keeping you dry during a summer rainstorm, a patio roof makes sure that your outdoor gatherings are comfortable and enjoyable.

Moreover, a patio roof extends the usable space of your home, giving you an additional area to entertain guests, relax with family, or simply unwind after a long day. With a patio roof, you can set up outdoor furniture, create a cozy seating area, or even install an outdoor kitchen without worrying about the weather ruining your plans. Plus, a well-designed patio roof adds visual appeal to your home, improving its overall look and increasing its value. 

So if you live on the Gold Coast, investing in a patio roof is a smart choice to make the most of your outdoor living experience.

4 types of patio roof

1. Freestanding Patio Roof

Free standing patio roof design from D&C Patios

A free-standing patio is like an extra roof in your backyard. It’s not attached to your house but held up by poles wherever you want it. It’s separate and gives you the freedom to put it wherever you like.

These patios are useful because they give you shade and keep you dry when it rains. With the patio roof up high, there’s plenty of air underneath, so it’s cooler on hot days. And because there aren’t any poles in the middle, you can arrange your outdoor furniture however you want.

People like free-standing patios because they’re not just practical, but they also look modern and fancy. You can pick from different materials like metal or wood to match your home’s style.

In simple words, a free-standing patio is a smart way to make your outdoor hangout spot more comfy and cool.

2. Attached Skillion patio

Skillion carport builder in brisbane and on gold coast, tweed coast. Skillion patio roof

A skillion patio is an outdoor structure with a slanted roof. Instead of being flat, the patio roof slopes down from one side to the other, giving it a modern vibe.

These skillion patios are great because the slanted roof helps rainwater slide off easily, so it doesn’t collect and cause problems. They also give great shade from the sun and keep you dry when it rains, which is perfect for hanging out outside.

We can build skillion patios from different materials, like wood or metal, and you can choose the size and shape that works best for your outdoor space.

The good thing about skillion patios is how well they fit with different house styles and outdoor settings. Whether your home is super modern or more traditional, a skillion patio can make your outdoor area look even better.

Plus, they’re useful all year round, keeping you dry when it’s raining and giving you some shelter from the weather. With some outdoor furniture and decorations, you can turn a skillion patio into a cozy and stylish outdoor hangout for you and your family. An enclosed alfresco is a popular choice.

Overall, a skillion patio is a clever and stylish way to improve your outdoor space. Its slanted patio roof, customisable options, and practical features make it a top choice for creating a comfy outdoor space.

3. Gable Patio

Gable Carports by d&C patios, gable patio roof

A gable patio has a unique roof shape. Instead of having a flat roof, a gable patio has two sloping sides that meet at the top to make a triangle shape. It looks a bit like the letter “A” or the pointy part of a house’s roof, called a gable.

The great thing about a gable patio is that it has a high ceiling, which makes it feel really roomy and open underneath. This makes it comfy to hang out or have fun outside, even when it’s super hot, which is common on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

The slanted patio roof of a gable type also helps rainwater run off easily, so it doesn’t stay on the roof and cause any problems. This keeps the patio dry and stops water from damaging it when it rains.

Gable patios come in different sizes and styles, and we can make one that’s just right for you and fits your outdoor area perfectly. Our clients like them because they look classy and never go out of style, and they’re great for giving shade and protection from the weather. Overall, a gable patio is a fancy and useful addition to any outdoor space.

4. Flyover Patio

Flyover carport builder project, flyover patio roof

Instead of having a patio roof connected directly to your house, it’s held up by poles a little way from where you chill outside. It looks like the roof is floating over your patio.

These patios are handy because they give you shade and keep you dry when it rains. Since the patio roof is higher up, air can flow underneath, making it feel cooler when it’s hot outside. And because there aren’t any poles in the middle, you can put your outdoor furniture wherever you want without anything getting in the way.

Our clients like flyover patios because they’re not just practical – they also look modern and fancy. You can pick from different materials like metal or wood to match your home’s style.

Basically, a flyover patio is a neat way to make your outdoor hangout spot more comfy and stylish.

Now that you’ve got a better idea about the various types of patio roofs, feel free to reach out if you’re ready to let the experts design the perfect custom patio roof for you. Get a review from our happy customers that left us video testimonials.

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