Outdoor patios are trending.

Australians have a long history of embracing outdoor patios, and in recent years, we’ve taken our love for outdoor living to a whole new level. We’ve expanded our homes with elegant patios and pergolas, essentially bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in. With the arrival of Spring 2019, we’re seeing several new trends that are set to transform our outdoor spaces. In this blog, we’ll delve into the top 15 trends to watch for as the weather warms up.

1. Outdoor Patios in Spring 2019: A Mix Of Materials And Textures:

This season, we’re witnessing a remarkable flexibility in design, catering to diverse styles and preferences. We’re saying goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach and welcoming the freedom to mix and match materials and textures. From robust chunky timber furniture to low-maintenance, sleek powder-coated aluminium, you have a wide array of options to choose from. What’s more, rattan is making a grand comeback, bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. By incorporating materials typically found indoors, you’ll add layers of comfort, style, and texture to your outdoor patios.

2. Enhance Your Outdoor Patios with Bars and Pizza Ovens:

Entertaining and cooking outdoors are getting a major upgrade this season. While built-in kitchens and top-notch BBQ setups always have their place, we’re now seeing an increasing trend toward backyard and patio bars and pizza ovens. The key to this trend is thoughtful placement to ensure you maximise your space and don’t overcrowd your outdoor patios. 

What’s more, it’s the little details that transform your backyard bar into a welcoming local beer garden. Think glass racks, wine fridges, beer fridges, and even beer taps, along with comfortable seating for your guests. Pizza oven options are virtually endless, from portable gas ovens to wood-fired, built-in ovens that become the centrepiece of your outdoor patios, exuding maximum ambiance.

3. A Stay-Cation Setting:

The primary purpose of your outdoor patios is to provide a serene escape where you can relax in the fresh air, free from household chores, screaming kids, and the never-ending stream of emails. It’s your own personal mini holiday, a resort-like sanctuary right in your backyard, whether you have a pool or not. 

Consider creating a relaxation zone that’s cozy enough for a quick nap, complete with everything you need nearby – a fridge stocked with cold drinks, elegant glassware, and a comfortable spot to lay your book. You can either opt for pergolas, outdoor patios or anything in between. When the party starts, your outdoor patios will be the epicentre of socialising and a hub for enjoying meals with friends and family.

4. Low Relaxed Seating:

To truly unwind in your outdoor patios, opt for low relaxed seating options, including daybeds and outdoor sofas. This season, modular sofas are gaining prominence, allowing you to alter the seating arrangement to match the occasion, season, or your mood. Create a dedicated space for reading or gazing out into your garden, and another area for reclining with a cocktail while engaging in lively conversations with friends. Complete the picture with plush cushions and a couple of low tables, and your outdoor patios will be the epitome of relaxation.

Absolute dream with these elegant outdoor patios.

5. Neutral Tones or Bold Colours:

Fortunately, this season offers a broad palette to cater to all tastes. Neutral colours remain popular, particularly when paired with natural materials like wood and rattan. However, if you prefer a pop of colour, draw inspiration from the vibrant resorts of Greece, the Mediterranean, and Morocco, incorporating shades of orange, blue, and turquoise.

6. Breathe Life into Your Outdoor Patios with Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are taking over outdoor patios this spring. They offer a fantastic solution to maximise greenery even in smaller spaces. Create a lush oasis with beautiful cascading plants, flowers, and herbs. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but vertical gardens also provide fresher air and a calming atmosphere for your outdoor living space.

7. Smart Outdoor Lighting:

A big trend this spring is investing in smart outdoor lighting solutions. Think energy-efficient LED lighting that can change colours, be controlled remotely, or even sync with your music. These lights not only illuminate your outdoor patios beautifully but also set the mood for any occasion – from a relaxing evening to an outdoor party under the stars.

8. Fire Features:

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are all the rage this season. They provide warmth and comfort, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor patios well into the evening as the temperature drops. Opt for stylish fire tables, which serve a dual purpose – they’re both a fire feature and a convenient surface for snacks and drinks.

9. Zen-Style Outdoor Yoga and Meditation Spaces:

As more people embrace the practice of yoga and meditation, it’s no surprise that outdoor patios are being transformed into serene spaces for these activities. Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or simply looking for a peaceful escape, creating a dedicated yoga and meditation space in your outdoor area can be incredibly fulfilling. Complete it with comfortable mats, soft cushions, and soothing wind chimes.

10. Transforming Your Outdoor Patios with Mesmerising Water Features:

Adding a water feature to your outdoor patios can elevate the ambiance and create a soothing environment. Whether it’s a simple birdbath or a more elaborate water wall or pond, the sound of running water is both calming and refreshing. Water features also attract birds and wildlife, making your outdoor space feel more connected to nature.

Outdoor patios with water features.

11. Sustainable Patios:

Sustainable and eco-friendly designs are a significant trend this spring. Using recycled and environmentally friendly materials for your patio and choosing sustainable plants can not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor area but also minimise your ecological footprint. Discover more information on patios and the service we provide.

12. Custom Outdoor Kitchens:

Custom outdoor kitchens are in high demand. They provide a dedicated space for cooking, making outdoor entertaining even more convenient. These outdoor kitchens typically include built-in grills, sinks, prep areas, and sometimes even pizza ovens, making it easy to host outdoor parties and gatherings.

13. Shaded Retreats:

Creating a shaded retreat within your outdoor patios is a trend for those looking to escape the heat during the warmer months. Think retractable awnings, pergolas with adjustable louvers, or even large patio umbrellas. These structures not only offer respite from the sun but also give your outdoor space a stylish and comfortable edge.

14. Playful Outdoor Decor:

To add a touch of fun and personality to your outdoor patios, go for playful outdoor decor. Think colourful, oversized cushions, outdoor rugs, and unique garden sculptures. These fun additions can transform your outdoor space into a vibrant and inviting area.

15. Multipurpose Furniture:

With smaller outdoor spaces in mind, multipurpose furniture is making its mark this season. Furniture pieces that can double as storage, or seating that can be rearranged to suit different occasions, make the most of your patio, no matter the size.

These new trends, combined with the previous five, offer a comprehensive guide to creating the perfect outdoor living space for Spring 2019. Whether you prefer a lush, green retreat, a cozy space to relax or entertain, or an eco-conscious, sustainable design, there’s a trend that will help you create an outdoor patio that suits your style and needs perfectly.

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