Is there a silver lining to HomeBuilder restrictions?

Over recent weeks, you may have heard much chatter in the media about the Federal Government’s HomeBuilder schemes, which supports renovations to houses. Unfortunately, it is limited to inside your house - however if you are looking to add value outside with a patio or outdoor area - we’ve come up with some ways you may be able to use some of the other COVID-19 stimuli to do this
Stunning Carport designs in Brisbane - D&C Patios Creates Your Dream Outdoor Retreat

There have been a number of stimulus packages announced by the Government designed to boost spending and keep the economy moving. Some of them, you may have been the recipient of and are looking at ways to utilise them for the purpose of boosting the economy. 

While some of these packages may appear minor (financially) in the overall scheme of things, they could be a great way to kickstart adding value to your property with an outdoor entertaining area. 

D&C Patios would love to provide an obligation free quote for your new patio and outdoor area.

To supplement the stimulus that you may have received, our team offers you the opportunity to take advantage of a 36 month interest free finance package (conditions apply, of course), but well worth adding to your consideration.

In addition to this, our guarantee to you is that your new patio is Australian made, we can offer quick council approval, you’ll have a fixed price up front and we will ensure that you only have our highly qualified installers work on your job.

Let us show you why, over nearly 25 years in business, we are Northern New South Wales’ and South East Queensland’s leading patio builder and how we’ll add a luxury addition to your house – without the luxury pricetag.

As with any investment, we advise you to take into account all of the pros and cons – especially with some of the Government offerings. 

We recommend consulting your tax/financial adviser and review the various COVID-19 stimuli via the ATO’s special COVID-19 website as part of your pre-commitment research.

CLICK HERE to submit your requirements and have our team provide you with a quote. We look forward to hearing from you soon and creating a significant upgrade to your home as we head into summer!

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